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text dogging Want to access dogging locations FAST? Text dogging is not something thats new in fact theres quite a few dogging website's that are dedicated to text dogging locations..

.....only problem is they are revolve around premium rate numbers meaning to access this text dogging information you have to pay .........and one thing that I seriously bought is just how current the information is

We all know that as brits we love the dogging scene but keeping one step ahead of the local dogging plod and one way of doing this is by using text dogging locations...the question

  • Where do you find these text dogging numbers ?
  • How current is the information offered via text dogging alerts

Ok lets address the first question where do you get these dogging text numbers from? ....easy our members. Within the members section you can search out profiles where members are looking for dogging meets. You can then send messages directly to them and they will respond - Often members prefer to send locations via text message

Finding current locations is easy and within the members section we have dedicated forums where members post up details of locations and like about many will ask for contact number details and a text will be sent offering the information

Whats great about both of the above is first its FREE second you are talking to couples that are currently using these dogging locations so you kNOW its current and you won't have to pay to access any premium rate text dogging information

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