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This is a swingers personals advert that really jumped out......yes its mine:o)

Private ( use link )
- 40/28 hi - we have just moved to spain and looking to build new swinging friends. we are both pretty experienced within the swinging scene having been involved within it for a few years.

I'm straight whilst my wife is thankfully bifem and goes without saying love watching her with other females and couples. We enjoy most types of "SAFE" meets and don't get involved with the kinky stuff like W/S or BDSM.

We are looking to meet with local couples and when replying to our swingers personals advert please make sure you have photos either within your profile or attached to your message - Our preference is more local contact as we want to build swapping friends up

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Help & advice for new Swinging

An introduction into writing a good swingers personals advert

So you've found a swingers website you want to join but are clueless when it comes to writing a good swingers personals advert that will make members really want to contact you!

As site owners we are used to seeing loads of swingers personals adverts some of them work really well and you know the members will get loads of responses others you know right from the onset that they won't get any members contacting them and you know the funny thing is normally its those members that complain about the site not working

By reading the swingers advice tips you'll gain a far better chance of success and the first thing to consider is this is YOUR swingers ad so you've got sell yourself to members and if the advert is dull and un-interesting there's every likely hood that no one will contact you and you'll be left feeling unhappy thinking swingers website don't work, when they do!

When considering your swingers personals advert remember that not only will members want to see you ( photos) but also know what type of members your looking to meet up with, so consider these key points when working on your swingers personals advert

  • Member name / profile name - put a little thought into this you don't want one too big or one thats easy to forget
  • Profile Heading - its the first thing people see when using the search so place a good heading. something like "young couple from hampshire looking to meet with other young swingers
  • Description - this is your chance to tell members about your likes, dislikes and what your looking for from other members so don't just place one line of text asking for local meets and pt some effort in.
  • Photos - FACT profiles with photos get a lot more response than profiles without pics so if you want to get members contacting you photos really are a must

By following these simple but effective tips of submitting a swingers personals advert you'll be sure to get members contacting and wanting to meet up

If your still a little unsure about what to place inside your swingers ad the check out local contacts and then click on your county and that will display all ads so you may have a better idea of what to place within your own advert

Or even better just join us and start reading full swingers personals ads and contacting members for some swapping fun


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