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Looking for a great UK Swingers forum then check out the features we offer and join up today

  • Free membership
  • moderated postings
  • dedicated section
  • dogging forum postings
  • swingers clubs information
  • newbie advice
  • crossdress section

Plus loads of other dedicated section to help swingers meet up and have fun

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Swingers - Forums

Everyone loves to chat !!!
Want to meet and chat with swingers from all over the UK, then check out what our swingers forums has to offer swingers of the UK or indeed anywhere in the UK as we are a leading contacts website ands with this in mind have the best swingers forums

Forums offer so many great advantages to members but this is so long as its a GOOD one, after all the last thing you want is a swingers forum thats abused by idiots and never used

With thousands of members one thing you can never say is that our forum is DEAD in fact far from it with members posting up details and articles on everything from swinging, dogging, swingers clubs to just about anything else and you can be sure of finding good current discussion going on

If you've never used a forum before the basic principle is that members can post and discuss's anything in an open forum meaning anything ( least thats a member) can post comments or questions. The forum is split into different sections ( details below) and posting can be viewed by scrolling down the page

Forums really come into their own when posting details of clubs, members having parties or views on swingers clubs and they offer a great way for members to find information and swap ideas

Here's just a few of the sections within the forum ...................

  • Forums and Adult Community - here you can post views on site, features you'd like to see added or if your having problems details
  • General Chat - chat to anyone here thats not related to the other set forum topics is back and chat, tell joke or just gossip about whats going on
  • Newbie's - new to swinging? then why not introduce yourself to other swingers as its a great place to mix with some of the old timers and they will help guide you into the swinging lifestyle
  • Swingers Visiting the UK / Going on Holiday - want to meet up with some couples from around the UK,or if your heading for warmer places then post details and see if you can meet with some expats and have a costa swinging fun
  • Instant Meets - instant meets offer just what they are and if your looking for some swapping action tonight then post details
  • Bukkake - Want to know something about bukkake? having a party? here you can post anything related to Bukkake or ejaculation ONLY here.
  • Dogging - Want information of dogging, finding locations then forget the premium rate phones get it for free here
  • Spanish Swingers - we have so many members from spain now they have their own dedicated section for swinging in spain
  • Social Scene - find information of clubs, members holding private parties and so much more, this section is a must for anyone looking to finding a good swingers clubs
  • TV,TS & Crossdressers - again another section thats split into section and here find details on clubs, parties & instant meets along with help details. If your a new crossdresser you'll love this section
  • Gay dating - anther large section for of gay and bimale members here you can find cottaging information, clubs & instant meets

These are just a few of the 40 plus sections we have within the swingers forum section and it really doesn't matter what you want to find, complain about or watch we have the section and members that want to hear from you

To keep the forum spam free only members can post and all postings are moderated that way the idiots are always kept away which is one thing that has always spoilt so many free swingers forums and chat rooms. The forum is FREE to use and non members can post along with paid members as well


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