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Private ( use link )
- 30/28 Scotland
We are both a bit bi-curious and are looking for couples only for some soft swap same room fun after a drink to two. really only looking for scottish swingers as we will want to build friendships as well

Private ( use link )
- 36/36 Upminster We want to share ourselves with other cpls, she is very bi and likes to start the evening with some fem2fem, then either soft or full swap depending on what you want!

Private ( use link )
- 38/31 South Wales We are a new couple looking to meet with other couples for soft swapping same room experiences. We like the idea of being watched and also watching other cpls shag!

Soft Swap Swinging

Soft swop an introduction to swinging?
A soft swap in swinging terms is basically playing intimately with 'strangers' and many couples that are new to swinging will choose the soft option for their first experience as it is often the actual penitrative intercourse that is the part couples find hard to not get jealous about. This way they can experiment with sexual play and get used to swapping partners.

If you decide that you are going to try soft swap for your swinging session, whether it's just with one other couple or at a larger party, then we suggest that you firmly agree this between you and both know when to stop the action as in the heat of the moment it can be quite easy for one partner to get carried away and go further than they originally anticipated!

Soft swapping does not necessarily mean 'same room' and this can depend on the situation/location but what it very important is that all parties involved need to know the set boundaries and that everyone is completely happy with things before you start your soft swop and then relax and enjoy yourselves!!

Why not join up now for free and use the online couples chat rooms to get more information from other swingers who soft swap.

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