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Private ( use link )
- London We are a group of guys who hold regular sex parties in London and are always looking for ladies & couples to party with. Some of us are bi so pretty much anything goes!

Private ( use link )
- Hampshire We organise gangbangs, sex & bukkake parties in Hants most months. We hand pick the single guys who should be VWE with stamina but always looking for couples to join us

Private ( use link )
- Durham We are currently a small group of mature swingers, three, mmf, who meet for group sex. We are looking for males, females and couples to join our little group and turn 3somes into moresomes!

Private ( use link )
- Halesowen We host weekly sex parties in a private house in a secluded area! Singles or couples welcome but you will be vetted before your first party visit. Sex unlimited that's us!

Private ( use link )
- Manchester We are a group of army wives who get bored and want to have good clean sex fun to fill our time! Looking for bi females and couples to come to our sex parties....

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Often referred to as swingers parties, these parties are either held in a commercial club setting, although single guys are often not admitted, or at a private house where couples and singles meet to socialise and have sex. These sex parties are not automatically gangbangs as often it is just two or three people that are involved in any given sexual activity in a room.

Whether you refer to them as swingers parties or just sex parties the principle is the same, a group of like-minded adult consenting to have sexual intimacy with other people, whether full penetrative sex or not, while other party attendees can watch or ask to be involved. That said here are a few guidelines to consider:

  • Make sure you know exactly what type of party it is going to be, if you are not going to want to have full intercourse make sure it is not a gang bang and if you are hosting the party ensure you invite the right mix of people
  • Check with the host to see if they want you to bring anything to eat/drink, as with any type of party it can look bad to turn up empty handed
  • Take your own condoms and it's also a good idea to maybe take a towel and change of clothes as well for the journey home
  • When you first arrive, especially if you've not been to the premises before, check out where everything is and familiarise yourself with the rooms and if you are going with a partner arrange a meeting point for later on if you are going to be splitting up
  • If you are going with your normal sexual partner agree before you go what you are each happy to do, will you stick together, watch each other, or split up completely
  • If you walk into a room where people are already having sex or playing wait until you get eye contact with someone before asking if you can join in or wait to be invited, never assume they want anyone else to play
  • Remember at all times that no means NO. You must respect other people and not everyone will be up for anything, respect people's boundaries

Unfortunately a lot of swingers/sex parties are held privately for couples that already know each other but if you take time to put up a good, well written profile with decent photos including face shots not just genitals and get chatting to people on the chatroom, you'll be sure to get invited soon!

Sign up now and get your profile online ready to receive party invites or why not arrange your own sex parties and send out your own invites!

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