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Scottish Cuckolds looking for Bulls / males - Scotland males after scottish Hotwives, its doesn't mater what your Cuckold contacts are we have the members !!!

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Plus loads more features all with one goal so that Scottish cuckold husband can watch there wives getting fucked by other males and males to meet with couples from around Scotland

And whats better its free!! - so that you can have a better idea I've added direct links to regions, once a member you can then further filter result to the type of contacts your looking for

Recently viewed profiles from Scotland - please note whilst images ARE members they are random and not associated with profile adverts

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- Falkirk hiya thanks for reading our advert we are a couple from Falkirk thats looking to meet with males local to us. I want to watch my scottish horny wife getting used by other males and considering she loves sex you can be sure of a great fuck! she's 35 slim and always dresses to impress - Falkirk / Scotland

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- Aberdeen we scottish couples thats just getting into the cuckold scene and have recently joined the site to meet with more males. We started out by using cuckold dogging meets but now want to move onto have sex in the warm & comfort so joined this site to hopefully meet with males. As you can see my wife is a BBW swinger so admirers only need contact us but I'm keen to see her getting fucked Aberdeen / Scotland

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Edinburgh hotwife looking for males to fuck me whilst my sissy cuckold sits and watches just how to really fuck a hot wife. He will not have any involvement and unless I say so he will not say anything or move from his little chair that will be in the corner of the room. You need to be happy about fucking a hotwife whilst a Scotland sissy is watching but if your a dominant male and want to have some fun using or further humiliating my scottish sissy even better Edinburgh / Scotland

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cuuckold ads scotlandWant to try the scotland cuckold scene looking to watch your Scottish wife getting fucked by other males, well in that case read on and better still join us......

For those that are unsure the Scottish cuckold contacts scene is about one thing and one thing alone thats horny Scottish wives getting fucked whilst husbands watch and for the vast amount of cuckold contacts thats all it about.

Posted on the left are some recently viewed profiles that have been submitted by couples looking for males and it will give you some idea about what the scene is about, but personally I don't think you can get a better inside view about cuckold sex than reading what happens

As a member you'll have access to loads of stories submitted by member by either reading there FREE cuckold blogs or stories they have added within the forums section. Posted below is a recent story along with some sample photos from our Scotland members although edited to protect there ID - but as a member you'll have full access to all media - Under the photos is FREE link to all profiles from Scotland

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Free Scottish cuckold story

My wife and I have been talking about trying the swinging scene but more than anything I wanted to watch my wife getting fucked by another guy! But we wanted to try thing a little different rather than just being another cuckold husband that just sits at the end of the bed watching everything so we set up a little plan

My wife joined a Scottish contacts website but rather than as a couple she posted a profile as a horny married women looking for daytime meets with single males and after the photos she posted it wasn’t long before guys were contacting her.

We arranged with this one guy to come round and I was going to be spying on them fucking without the guy knowing as we assumed they guy would be better without know the husband was watch, yes I know we got that one wrong as Scotland Bulls are more than happy to fuck the wife's with husband present, but we were still newbie's and didn’t know this.

So our spying cuckold was in place and I was going to hiding in a wardrobe as it had dark glass in the top that I could clearly see out off but they wouldn’t be able to see in , it was a little cramped but keeping the privacy and I was going to be able to spy on her fucking this guy

I waited in the dark, not knowing what was going t happen and within a few minuets the bedroom door opening and the stranger was in my bedroom to fuck my wife!! He was a bit younger than me, but was fucking well hung and he must have been 9”.

I waited in the dark, not knowing what was going t happen and within a few minuets the bedroom door opening and the stranger was in my bedroom to fuck my wife!! He was a bit younger than me, but was fucking well hung and he must have been 9” .

I watched as my wife kissing him touching him, then stripping of her clothes so he could see her but she left her knickers on so he would remove those and I watched as he indulged every moment pulling her knickers off to show her shaven fanny.  She knelt down in front of him and after he stripped of she sucked on him thrusting this cock down her throat and started to fuck her face with this massive cock and I was amazed she didn’t gag but she carried on sucking him and he some came praying a load of his cum into her mouth, , she wallowed it greedily and licked every last drop

I thought maybe that was it and I was drying to get out and fuck my wife silly, but I had to wait my turn as my wife had other plans as she wanted feel him inside her, and soon teased his cock back into life which took very little effort before she laid on her back and spread her legs wide open as he fucked her hard and fast.

It was amazing seeing my wife getting fucked by another male, it was like the best porn show I’d every seen with my own wife being fucked, it wasn’t long before she was cuming and seeing her face twist with pleasure as she came again and again until finally he came inside her !!


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