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We all love to read public sex stories & dogging stories not only do they provide great adult reading material it gives you insight into the dogging / outdoor sex lifestyle and the members that take part.

But above all, all our dogging stories are posted by couples that are really using these public place locations and with over 2,000,000 members the dogging blogs have a massive following

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Its a fact we brits love dogging whether its during the summer months or even some of the die hard dogging that venture out during the more winter months .........personally crazy getting the little guy out went its freezing.....but during those winter months of dogging you can still get your fix by reading dogging stories

Dogging stories offers not only a great insight into the UK dogging scene but often details current dogging locations within the stories themselves. But for the newbie dogger they also offer a wealth of information & tips on the UK dogging scene

The dogging stories are posted within the members section and everyone has free access to them......all you need to do is join us as a free member and then head towards the members dogging blogs. But not only will you have access to members dogging stories but also direct access to there profiles & amateur dogging photos ( assuming they have posted any)

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Once inside the members section as a free member you'll be able to read stories posted by couples but also start your own dogging blog ( should you want to ) where like many others you can post about anything you like within the UK dogging scene from photos, locations to dogging stories

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  • Our first attempt at dogging......what a let down LOL. People say you just head out to car parks and flash the headlights and your off and running, well that wasn't the case for us so we joined a dogging contacts site and started reading forum postings on locations
  • Group dogging meets .....I didn't think it would come off as my wife wanted to have a small group of males to basically fuck her silly outdoors. We posted details of the location and date in the forum and got a very good response and a date was arranged
  • We were driving back .........from a night out at some friends and as my wife was more than merry was getting very horny and theres only so much a guy can ignore when your wife is teasing him whilst driving so I pulled into this carpark
  • My first dogging meet ......I've been a crossdresser for sometime and loved the idea of having sex outdoors but was worried about just heading to a location not really knowing what was going to go on. But it was when I joined a site and started reading forum postings and got chatting to some local guys

these are just a few recent dogging stories, in fact they are ones that I've recently read .....join us as a free members TODAY and start reading real life dogging stories

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