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By reading cuckold stories you able to get a really insight into a sexual genre thats really only spoken about via swingers & sex contacts website's, after all your not going to stand in some bar somewhere talking about some guy that just fucked your wife whilst you watched!

The uk cuckold scene is one that growing at a faster rate than any other and I personally believe a lot of that is down the swingers & contacts website making it easier for people to meet with others.

Within the members section we have cuckold couples that submit stories telling others what they've been up to and it really does offer an insight into what happens when a guy / bull comes into a couples house with the intention of fucking a guys wife whilst he's still around and watching, least in most cases

By reading our members stories it will let you know whats on the cards when someone turns up and will also give you some idea about the different types of cuckoldry meets. If your new to the scene or you just enjoy reading erotic stories submitted by cuckold couples then join up today, log into the blogs section and start enjoying our members stories

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  • I watched my wife getting fucked for the first time last month and we have arrange for this time him to bring a friend along
  • My wife told me last month that she wanted to try dogging which I said fine so long as I can watch her with other guys and take photos
  • our first cuckold experience that started out with me watching then my wife asked me to lick the cum from her cunt and as I was bisexual male she knew I'd be more than up for this
  • we joined the site for one reason along to meet up with males and our first cuckold meet was a great success (more)
  • Husband watches his wife (more)

These are just three recent stories submitted and we have loads more inside the members section and considering basic membership is free you could join up and start reading these stories and chatting with other cuckold couples for FREE

Join us today and start having some fun watching your wife getting fucked, just make sure after you send your cuckold story in so others can read about it


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