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- 33 Barnstaple Any cuckold couples in Devon looking for a bull to fuck the wife whilst the husband watches? then I'm your man! I love sex, lot of it and I love women so use me to please your wife now! no kinky stuff just straight forward cuckoldry

Private ( use link )
- Hillingdon We are a cuckold couple both in our forties. Looking for a bull who knows what cuckoldry is as we don't want time wasters as this is a serious sexual fantasy to us! also love to hear from anyone that knows of cuckold sex clubs

Private ( use link )
- Isle of Wight cuckold Fancy a ride in Ryde? We are looking for single guys to explore the 'fuck my wife' scenario further. have tried it a few times before with a friend and would like to do it again - soon!

Private ( use link )
- Glossop We are both fit and like to keep in shape and enjoy a healthy sex life but are looking for single males for bareback cuckold as I want to see guys cumming inside my wife and I will then lick your cum out afterwards - my wife is also keen to see my sucking another guy off / licking her cum from your cock, but I also know not every guy is going to be happy about that! we are also looking for mature swingers

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Want to watch someone fucking YOUR wife?, read on cuckold husbands..............

The cuckold contacts swingers scene is one of the fastest growing niche contacts within the swingers lifestyle with many couples joining for just one reason alone that so husband can sit back and enjoy watching some other guy fucking his wife! fancy giving it a go? read on

The internet is turning husbands that used to enjoy fucking the wife into cuckold loving males where they look towards some other guy to fuck the wife and they are more than happy just to take a back seat and watch as the wife gets fucked, most of the time by one male sometimes with greedy hotwife 2 or three males

A Brief History lesson on the term cuckold

Whilst for many the idea of cuckold sex may seem something new its actually been around for sometime and references to cuckold husband can be found as far back as the 13th century, but this was generally where wives were unfaithful with other males and the husband found out later when children were born, these wives were then publicly humiliated, by the cuck (husband)

Today the cuckold scene is something thats enjoyed and seeked out by swinging couples and for many its about bringing a sexual fantasy into realty which for most its about the husband enjoying watching another man pleasing his wife and has become increasingly popular amongst swingers contacts.

Posted below are basic scenarios of the types of cuckold contacts swingers & couples look to arranging along with a few members photos that are from couples profile adverts

Sample Cuckold amateur photos

Whether the husband (or male partner for non-married couples) is completely excluded from the sexual action for the entire session is completely dependant on the people involved but it is common for the cucks to masturbate while viewing.

There are basic scenarios within cuckoldry contacts and can be discussed & adjusted depending on the fantasies of the participants and may include:

  • Basic cuckold contacts - This is where the male or bull as he's refereed to within cuckoldry fucks the husbands wife whilst he watches in some cases the husband may take photos / video but this is discussed before hand as not all males are happy about photos being taken
  • Forced Cuckoldry - This is where the bull has far more involvement with the husband and the male will make verbal references to the husband not being able to perform or please the wife and often husbands will be made to wear cuckold chastity device stopping them from playing with themselves for the ultimate control over the husband and in some cases husband can be made to sit outside the bedroom door just listening
  • Cuckold Cleanup (bareback cuckold) - This where husbands will be made to lick cum from the wifes pussy and suck / lick cum from the males cock - often refereed to as forced bi cuckold cleanup meets
  • Cuckold Breading - where males will fuck a guys wife with the intention of getting her pregnant
  • Sissy Cuckold - where the husband will be dressed as a sissy maid / crossdresser and really any of the above can also come into play for many sissy husbands they will also be used to fetch drinks and at as a crossdressing maid for the couple.
  • Black Males Fucking White Wives - A lot of couples within cuckold fantasy about watch a black male fucking there wife's and likewise the wives are more than up for these meets

By far most cuckold sex is about one thing alone thats husbands watching there wives getting fucked with no involvement by the husband other than perhaps him taking some photos

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