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This is just one recently added profile from a me couple thats looking for NSA meets

Private ( use link )- young swingers thats new to the swinging scene and keen to meet with other couples - as we are new we would like to hear from non pushy members and if possible would love to hear from other newbie's so we can muddle things up together LOL - we are 26/23 and whilst young have been together for some years. Also my G/F is bisexual female so would love to hear from YOUNG bi couples as well

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Considering Swinging - Read on

Know why YOU and your partner wants to join a swingers website

Considering join a swingers website, well before you do STOP and read this page on advice for newbie swingers and this page applies to swinging couples

As a couple one of the most important considerations you need to consider is that you are both happy about joining in with the swinging scene and if you've not fully discussed this with your partner NOW is the time, so read on

Normally way before couples start looking at swingers websites they start fantasizing about what it would really be like to invite another couple into there bedroom, lounge or in fact any room in the house, but it comes to a stage when you want to turn fantasy into realty and thats where we can help.

Swingers love to see new members join the scene but there can be some pitfalls and you do have to consider a few things before you even hit the join button.

  • Don"t force your partner into the scene - its about the worst thing you can do and you can be assured if you do you'll end up harming your relationship. Talk about why you want to join a swinger site. What your fantasies are and then should you still both want to meet with others, then join us
  • Discuss your boundaries! - Before you attend your first party, swap or even post up your profile, discuss your sexual boundaries and make sure as a new swinging couple you have happy about what you ARE and AREN'T going to do with other couples. For example for your first few meets for may not want full intercourse and prefer whats called soft swapping then later on your can change this should you want.So knowing your boundaries and what your happy to do is vital
  • Remember why your swinging, its for sex nothing else - It may sound daft but swinging meet for sex so don't go getting feelings for people you meet, true you can make friendships but don't go falling in love as your meeting for NSA sex nothing else and should you want something other than sex try a dating site

These may seem like obvious pointers but you will be amazed how many people join a swingers site with expectations of something deeper happening, or worse still get forced into joining by a dominant partner

Swinging is great fun for couples but this will only work out if your both happy about join a swingers website .

Join us today and start meeting with loads of other great swinging couples from around the UK & Europe

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